I am not new to blogging. I've had countless personal blogs over the past two or three years and to be brutally honest, none of them have ever been engaging, interesting and easy enough to use that I have stuck with them. As I write this post now, I have a personal blog, too, that has been untouched for a week or so because of my disinterested attitude. Sometimes I think blogging just isn't for me.
However, upon being introduced to Blogger for this project, I have taken it on and fully enjoyed it. Blogger has so much capacity to become a goldmine for artists and designers who want to reach out and touch the design world. Blogger is simple and easy to use, and yet everything looks flawless and professional. I love the design and layout of my blog and I am proud of the work I put in to make it as interesting as I can.

Of course, like anything, Blogger has its drawbacks. Being online and available to everyone means that there is a lot of work out there that isn't necessarily of a high standard and it can be hard to sift through a lot of work you dislike to find something you genuinely like and want to talk about.
I have definitely enjoyed being able to write about anything that interests me here on my blog. I appreciate that this blog, being for use for a college project, must be professional, but I have always tried to keep things interesting with humour and slightly more informal language.

I love the connectivity blogging gives out. I can comment on any blog I find, follow any blog I like and write about anything I stumble across. I can always ask or look for advice and tutorials here if I am unsure about things or wanting to try something new in my artwork. Blogging connects people and introduces them to work they probably never would have found otherwise.
As well as this, Blogger is a brilliant way of showing off my work, rather than carrying a portfolio to universities, clients and employers. All I need to do is direct someone to this URL and all my work is there for anyone to see, and I can constantly change and add to any of the content to reflect my current interests and creative ventures.

I have enjoyed using my blog as a chance to express my thoughts and feelings, as well as showing off work I like and my own creations to the world. I hope I will find many more opportunities to use this blog to it's full potential. Blogging is, in its purest form, freedom of expression, and that is an idea I can get behind.