Friday, 8 April 2011

Claudia Varosio Designs Posters

I really like poster design. Posters are pretty universal - they can advertise events, sell products, show you the latest movies and games or even just entertain you. Good poster designs come in all shapes and sizes, but some of my new favourites are by designer Claudia Varosio.
Claudia remakes movie posters in her own style, which is fairly simplistic and often in a basic, complementary colour scheme.
I looked on Claudia's Etsy Shop and found posters for some of my favourite films:

This poster is for a  big favourite of mine, Juno. I like this for several reasons: the colour scheme is simplistic and gives the movie a quite old feel, which it doesn't really have as a fairly new film. I also like the use of the two acoustic guitars as the focus of the poster. This showcases the guitars that Micheal Cera and Ellen Page play towards the end of the film, but they are by no means the focus of the film. This less obvious approach to the poster gives it a much more mysterious feel. The placement of one guitar leaning on another also hints at the romance in the film.


This poster was one that leapt out at me immediately. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is one of my all time favourite films, and this poster is a totally new, interesting take on the poster. I always found the original film poster to be, which relevant, overly cheesy:

The 'trippy' image on the original poster was very relevant, but personally I had always found it overly busy and distracting. Obviously, taking into account the time this film was made, this poster was probably fantastic at the time, but I much prefer Claudia's remade version for it's simplicity. The colour scheme also reflects the colours used in the film very well, the sandy colours from the desert and the clear blue from the rolling sky. The 'accent colour' of the bright red convertible is also a very nice touch, and draws attention immediately.


Finally, a poster from possibly my favourite film of all time, The Big Lebowski. Claudia has redesigned a lot of the Coen Brothers' movie posters, but this is definitely my favourite. I like the fluidity of the bowling pins and the colour scheme of orange and purple which works really well. The layout draws the eye into all the right places: across the title, to the bowling ball and up the pins to the cast. Casting aside my adoration for this movie, this poster is brilliantly designed and easily eye-catching.

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