Monday, 13 December 2010

Dan Mumford's Incredible Drawings

Back when I took my Art GCSE, I found Dan Mumford. His work is stunning, full of detail and colour and strong lines. He is a huge inspiration to me and I have always wanted to draw to the same standard as he does.

Dan Mumford's work has been found all over the alternative scene. His work has featured in Atticus Clothing and DCMA Clothing, and he has done work for bands such as Protest the Hero, Funeral for a Friend and The Black Dahlia Murder.

Just looking at the incredible attention to detail in his work makes me burn with envy. It can take Dan months to perfect a piece, but each piece is of the same incredible quality as the next.
Dan describes himself as an Illustrator/Designer/Screen Printer, but I can only think of one word that truly sums him up: Genius.

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