Monday, 13 December 2010

Lights and Bricks - Photography in the Run-up to Christmas

-- Originally found on [daily dose of imagery]

With Christmas just a week away, everyone seems to be rushing around in a mad dash to buy presents, food and decorations in time for the big celebration next week. With so much tension and stress around, it can be hard to stop and just look at all the wonderful things happening at this time of year.

Sam Javanrouh at [daily dose of imagery] has taken the time to capture one of these wonderful moments with todays photograph 'lights and bricks'. The photograph captures a moment where shoppers are still rushing around, oblivious to the lovely display of lights scattered above them like stars.

This photograph, taken at the Christmas Market in the Distillery District in Canada where the artist lives, shows the brilliant transformation an ordinary street makes into a world of busy shoppers and beautiful lights. The layout of the shot draws the eye down the street to the collection of bright lights and decorations in the distance, and the green and red tones on either side of the street add to the wonderful Christmassy air the whole photo takes on.

Just looking at this photo brings a feast to the senses. Bright lights and beautiful colours feed the eyes and the scene brings the sound of chattering crowds and footsteps along with it. This photograph plants you right at the heart of the Christmas rush, without even setting foot outside your home.

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