Monday, 6 December 2010

Is This Shade of Grey Acceptable? - Genius Street Art

-- Originally found on NOTCOT.ORG

Street art is a phenomenon that, by now, has been made popular enough that everyone's used to it.
Who hasn't seen all of the brilliant work Banksy made himself famous with, or the familiar 'OBEY' poster popularised by Shepard Fairey?
But British street artist Mobstr has an incredibly new and different look at the covering up of street art:

Street art, of course, is an often overlooked artform by the majority of people who see it merely as vandalism. The covering up of genius pieces of street art is well discussed these days, and it's nice to see someone like Mobstr addressing the subject, instead of just creating his art and hoping it will stay put.
Street art is a temporary artform, and without the beauty of photography Mobstr's work would probably have never been documented. It is a crying shame that such genius pieces of art must be covered, but, as Mobstr remarks, some people are content with living in a world made from shades of grey.
And besides, without unfair rules in place, what else will we rebel against?

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