Monday, 6 December 2010

Why I Followed: Kuriositas

The next blog I followed was Kuriositas. Kuriositas has a bit of everything - art, animation, photography, science and architecture.
My main reason for following, however, was because Kuriositas is the first blog I have discovered which posts short films and animations found around the web. As someone with a growing interest in film, I am over the moon to find a blog based around short films, as opposed to a lot of the 'movie review' blogs I came across before that only reviewed the big Hollywood blockbusters.
Short films, animations and music videos are my main interests as a growing filmmaker myself, and checking out Kuriositas will definitely inspire me for future projects of my own.

The blog is laid out in a column style, using white, orange and blacks/greys for the colour scheme. The blog also includes a header, and there are links to the various 'topics' used in the blog (There is, for instance, an Animation link and a Short Films link, both of which i will probably use a lot!)
Out of the few column stye blogs I've seen, this one probably inspired me the most with my own design as I used the basic white/black/grey scheme, my own header and a hint of colour (in my case, blue).

Out of all the blogs I have followed, this and NOTCOT.ORG will probably be the ones I blog about the most, based on the quality and frequency of the content.

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