Monday, 13 December 2010

Fitvibe Health - More Than Just A Poster, It's a Workout

If you ask a vast majority of people, they're probably not getting as much exercise as they need, and many ads for gym memberships these days are drab and boring. Shock tactics and scaremongery about obesity and heart diease seem to be conditioned into us and we're so used to seeing ads like that, so many of us just don't care.

So when I stumbled upon this gem of advertising for Fitvibe Health, I laughed and then smiled with pride knowing that surely someone got a gym membership based on this ad:

Just try and read it. Go on. Left to right, read it. And see if you're not at least smiling when you finish it.

Fitvibe's "Free Workout" ad finishes with 'How is this for a start?' in that way that suggests it's basically saying "You see how easy it is to exercise? Come on, you can do it, we gave you a head start." and that's a refreshing thing to hear. So many people think it's hard to fit exercise into their lives, but here Fitvibe has just given you a little workout of your own and you barely even noticed you were doing it.

I'd love to see more genius adverts like this one, that are not only effective but also very entertaining. Sure, this ad isn't designed with perfectly crafted fonts or interesting colours, but it does the job and makes you smile along the way. What more could you really ask for in an ad?

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