Monday, 6 December 2010

Why I Followed: Sketches and Doodles by Edwin Rhemrev

The third blog on my list is Sketches and Doodles by Edwin Rhemrev - a blog written by a concept artist who posts sketches and drawings. I like his work because of the style - almost like a children's book - an the variety of media he uses for his work (some are in pen, some are in Photoshop, etc).

The blog's layout is very basic- black and white in the same column style as my own blog.
As with the [daily dose of imagery] blog, the focus is on the content and a simple layout assists that concept nicely.
The whole blog is lit up by the colourful, creative drawings it features and this compliments the simplicity of the blog nicely.

I find Edwin's drawings inspiring and enchanting, and I hope to blog about them in the future.

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